Tips on Teaching Computer Skills

Follow these tips if you are training someone to handle a computer (PC) task at home or at your work:

When teaching someone something on their computer, record their screen using screen capture software while showing them live simultaneously. Save the video on their computer so they can reference the video going forward instead of asking you the same computers questions all the time.

If you use a portable screen capture software like Rylstim Screen Recorder, you can just carry around a USB flash drive on your key chain so you can do screen captures on the fly and you do not need to install the software directly on their PC.

The videos will save directly on their PC, which you have the option to save it anywhere. I would put videos in a folder on the desktop and mention that to person I am teaching. To further help them, I save a Notepad file (README.TXT) to record any notes regarding how to open and play the video, if they do not know how OR to record any additional tips. I save this README.TXT file in the same folder that contains the screen capture videos.

Note: If you are using Rylstim Screen Recorder, make you set the video codec. I use “Windows Video 1.” If a video codec is not set then a “parameter is incorrect” error message appears.


DISCLAIMER: Do not install any software on someone’s computer without his or her permission or if you do not have the administrative permission from the computer you are using.



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