Muttontown Preserve Ruins Documentary (Transcript)

I made a short documentary for a video class assignment in 2011 at SUNY Old Westbury. I enjoy hiking then and still do now. I picked the Muttontown Preserve because it is one of my favorite Long Island hiking spots.

This was my first attempt in making a documentary. Below is its transcript and video:

The Muttontown Preserve is the residence of many beautiful wonders. Some visible. Some hidden. Mostly natural. But there is a hidden wonder in the Muttontown Preserve, it’s artificial, and in ruins, it’s the Muttontown Preserve ruins.

Also know as the Knollwood estate, King Zog of Albania’s mansion; The Muttontown Preserve ruins are located about thousand feet from the equestrian entrance parking lot off of route 106/107 [in Syosset, NY].

According to Nassau County Parks’ website, it used to be the mansion of Albania’s last monarch, King Zog, who fled Albania in 1939 from the Italian invasion and acquired the 150-acre Knollwood Estate at Muttontown in 1951. The estate included a magnificent 150-room, granite mansion. Originally built for the Wall Street investor, Charles Hudson, in the early 20th century. But Zog never moved to the US and sold the estate in 1955 to Lansdell Christie. Zog died in France in 1961.

As the mansion abandoned, rumors began to spread about riches King Zog had hidden in the mansion’s walls. With the natural result of vandals soon descended on the property. The Christie family had the mansion demolished in 1959…and here is what is left today:

Source for Narration:

Music: (Reality TV Show) Survivor Tribal Council

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