Improve Your MailChimp ROI Under Their Free Plan (For eCommerce)

I have developed a simple, manual process in hopes of increasing your email revenue using your MailChimp email campaigns. This process uses simple statistics to help you optimize your email scheduling and increase your Revenue.

Before you begin, you will need to have at least 6 months of data using MailChimp for your eCommerce website. The more data, the more accurate the outcome. You should have sales from your email campaigns as well as have data for all weekdays (if possible).

You will also need a spreadsheet app like Excel; knowledge of making pivot tables and sorting data.

  1. In MailChimp, export the Campaign data and open it in the spreadsheet app.
  2. Sort by Total Revenue (Col. Z) in descending order.
  3. Copy and Paste all the rows that show Total Revenue greater than 0.
  4. Delete all columns except Sent Weekday (Col. E) and Total Revenue.
  5. Select the entire table and create a pivot table with the Row Label of “Sent Weekday” and values of “Count of Sent Weekday” and “Sum of Total Revenue.” This should now create a 3-column pivot table.
  6. Copy the table except for the last row (Grand Toal) and paste it into a different spreadsheet.
  7. Add a 4th column to this pivot table called “Revenue Per Email”. This column will be used to calculate the Sum of Total Revenue / Count of Sent Weekday. Apply this formula throughout the entire column until the end is reached. (Image 1)
  8. Sort the table by Revenue Per Email in descending order. (Image 2)
  9. The weekday(s) with the greatest Revenue Per Email will be the day(s) that you should schedule your future campaigns on. Theoretically, it will be those days that will have a higher chance of getting orders. Keep creating campaigns!
  10. Please do not hesitate to let me know how my process is working for you. Good luck!

I developed the process on my own. Any resemblance to existing techniques or processes is a coincidence. I was not sponsored by to write this article nor does it replace their paid-for plans that have the Send Time Optimization feature.

The process I described does not guarantee* more revenue for any company that is namely due to MailChimp email campaigns. It is simply a suggestion that may be applied using other email marketing tools. Other factors affect your revenue due to MailChimp email campaigns such as your email content, design, product or service you are selling, your audience size, your target audience, etc.

*If this process happens to have a positive effect on your ROI then it works for your company and situation.

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