Rockefeller Center Flag Project – The Story of My Winning Design

A friend of mine told me about the Rockefeller Center Flag Project. The contest had participates create a flag design as a “love letter to NY” either as a drawing, digital art, painting, etc. Almost any medium was acceptable. Each flag will be 8′ x 5′.

After a few rough drafts, I managed to create a flag design I was happy with Sketched it out by hand. Converted it to a digital rendering using Illustrator. Then submitted.

A month or so passes. I forgot about it until I received an email from them stating I WON. My flag was chosen to be flown amongst 191 other flag winners (congrats to my fellow winners). It is scheduled to be flown from August 1st to 23rd*, 2020.

This is a very exciting time for me, especially as a graphic designer.

You may see my design in The Flag Project catalog on page 31 (PDF page 16).

If you are in NYC during the Flag Project installation, my design is on the corner near the Lego Store.

I made a panoramic view of the Flag Project as seen from their Summer Garden.

*Due to popular demand from my fellow artists, the Flag Project was extended to August 23rd, 2020. Its previous end date was August 16th.

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