Throw Back to 2011: Magic Out Loud 2

Magic has been part of my life since I was a teenager. During my college days at SUNY College of Old Westbury, I was given to opportunity to film my magic skills in front of unsuspecting fellow students. Magic Out Loud 2 won me a 2011 Student MAC Award for Best Creative Television Segment.

Street magician, David Blaine was my magic performing inspiration. His street magic TV specials, which aired on ABC, captivated my imagination and prompted me to perform for people. My next step was to have it filmed.

I became a member of OWTV where I was not only the talent, but I was also an editor, producer, director, and camera operator for various projects. At OWTV, I was able to use their technology resources like camera equipment and video editing lab, but, most importantly, I had help from fellow members and friends. These resources were what made Magic Out Loud 2 possible. I also needed a hook in form of a theme, something to captive my audience watching Magic Out Loud 2. I needed something better than my first attempt at a show, Magic Out Loud.

Other than David Blaine, there was a 2010 movie serving as my inspiration. This movie also captivated my imagination and got me thinking about dreams and incepting other’s dreams (metaphorically). Magic can only exist in two planes: in dreams and the eyes of spectators. To the magician, it does not truly exists as they know how it is done. I found a way to combine my two inspirations, David Blaine and Inception, and Magic Out Loud was the result.

You may view my other magic performance videos here:

I created other videos on my main YouTube Channel: MarcForman

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