Hi! I am Marc Forman, a Long Island-based graphic designer since 2010. I enjoy learning about a variety of fields, from math to science. I started my blog to express how math plays a roll in my creative process.

I am passionate about graphic design, photography, technology, and math. I use those skills as the graphic designer and in-house tech support at Bliss Hammocks.

I am a highly self-motivated, deadline-driven, multi-talented individual. Strong collaborative skills; dynamic team player. Highly efficient in design and layout skills with fluency in keyboard shortcuts to increase efficiency. Capable of meeting deadlines with the ability to be well-organized and detailed oriented.

Aside from my professional assets, my love of photography and videography is showcased while I hike. Capturing and living in the moment brings my mind into an oasis. This oasis is filled with inspiration that drives my creativity.

Feel free to contact me for graphic design opportunities you may have.

“I Design with you in mind”

-Marc 🙂

[Fun fact] MFDSFB is short for Marc Forman Design Services, Facebook. That is the name of my Facebook page, which I started before this blog.

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